Psychological Evalutations & Testing

"Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." Albert Einstein

If you're worried about your child's academic performance or need gifted testing for classroom placement at school, The Psychology Group can help. Through educational testing and assessment, you'll find the right solutions to optimize your child's academic achievement. We offer a wide variety of educational assessments to meet your child's needs using the most cutting edge technology available today. 

Can Psychoeducational Testing Help?

Are you worried about your child's grades? Does he or she have trouble paying attention, skip lines while reading, or act out in the classroom? Perhaps your child has trouble remembering new information.

Psychoeducational testing is used to identify individual strengths and weaknesses when a student is having trouble at school. When grades continue to fall despite your child's best effort, it may be time to consider testing.

Once we gather assessment information, we'll develop a plan to improve working areas, capitalize on strengths, and set your child up for success.

Testing for Learning Disabilities

Does your child have unexplained difficulty learning at school?

Sometimes, children have more trouble than their peers with reading, spelling, writing, or math. Frustration with schoolwork leads to emotional outbursts during homework at home. Maybe your chid "hates reading." Does this sound familiar? We offer a variety of assessments which can help identify the reasons and more importantly, a set of solutions to make learning a more positive experience. Call us today to discuss the best testing options for your child!

Testing for Gifted Placement

Does your child need testing for gift classroom placement? We offer the most updated testing batteries for students seeking gifted placement and fast report turnaround times. Let's optimize your child's academic performance.

Call The Psychology Group today to discuss your needs.


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