Life Coaching

Life Coaching for those looking for guidance and strategies.

Don't need therapy?

Therapy isn’t for everyone and some folks simply need a cheerleader in their corner with practical tips for successful living. That is where a life coach comes in. Think of a life coach as an advisor with a lot of experience, skills and strategies to help you make your goals come to fruition. If you're otherwise healthy and not suffering from a psychiatric condition, life coaching may be for you.

Life Coach Fort Lauderdale

Commonly, life coaching is oriented towards the present and future. Coaching is proactive, so you can expect to be encouraged to actively participate in fulfilling your dreams, goals and happiness. You'll discover hands-on strategies to improve specific aspects of your life.

More About Life Coaching

Areas of Focus:

  • Enhance Relationships and Love
  • Recover from loss or a breakup
  • Improve Stress Management and Balance
  • Spirituality and Inner Peace
  • Personal Growth
  • Professional Development & Career Counseling
  • Motivation and Self Empowerment
  • Organization & Time Management
  • Creativity for Artists, Writers, Musicians and Performers
  • Finances and Budgeting
  • Health, Aging, Lifestyle Challenges
  • Family Issues

What to Expect:

  • Be prepared to set goals
  • Be prepared to experience success
  • Recognize the importance of your active participation
  • Some focus on the your unique background, yet emphasis on the here-and-now
  • Heavy emphasis on real-world practical tips and advice
  • Direct and specific feedback
  • Identify and remove barriers and blocks to motivation
  • Recognize and eradicate negative thoughts and thinking
  • Experience more joy & balance in life

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