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The Psychology Group’s Feature on FreshPractice.Design

Our beautiful office was featured!

We’re very excited to share that our office, The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale, was featured in FreshPractice Design, a design and decor blog dedicated to delivering fresh office design ideas for professionals in the mental health field. This is where professionals go to drool over office design ideas when creating their dream office spaces. We’re very honored to be featured in the Best Of category!

“In short, our style is an uplifting blend of understated elegance and colorful charm…”

The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale | Psychology Office

In the featured post on FreshPractice.Design, you’ll take a photo tour of The Psychology Group’s intimate yet roomy 1600 square feet office suite. Look at the pictures of the space and learn the story behind our inspiration for the office decor. Notice that it doesn’t look or feel like an average doctor’s office. There’s nothing dated or stale in it.

The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale | Psychology Office

Our intention in designing the office was to make it feel more like a stylish hotel than a corporate office. Large glass entry doors open up to a tranquil waiting area.The front wall is painted a rich black and the room is illuminated by the soft golden glow of candles and gentle lamps. Carefully curated and deliberately soothing ambient music plays in the background.

“It’s not always easy to come and talk to a therapist. Clients are healing from tough stuff and we want that process to be as comfortable as possible. This office holds space for the emotional process in a stunning way. Healing can, and does, happen in beautiful places.”

The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale | Psychology Office

Each of our four sound-proof therapy offices is designed to evoke the comfort of your personal living room and the luxury of a special space. When greeted by their therapist, clients are invited to enjoy a sparkling Perrier or hot espresso. Our clients love to curl up on one of the supple sofas and a plush throw.

The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale | Psychology OfficeIf you’re a fellow psychology colleague, you’ll see our advice for therapists designing their own spaces, and how husband & wife team Dr. Jamie Long and Justin Scicluna viewed the office as an investment. Not only is it a comfortable counseling experience for clients, the psychology office is also built with our associates in mind.

“Your associates will feel the difference too. Professionals want to work in a space that’s fresh and modern. Our renters see that they’re looked after because every detail has them in mind too. In the kitchenette, we keep the fridge and pantry stocked with healthy snacks and we have a beautiful conference area for meetings and luncheons.”

The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale | Psychology Office

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The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale is a concierge therapy practice with top rated therapists providing heartfelt mental health counseling & life coaching.  Our boutique practice specializes in individual therapy, couples therapy, and psychological testing & evaluation.

Call us today at 954-488-2933, or visit our contact page. We look forward to serving you!

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The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale | Psychology Office


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