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Infertility is a common problem, but research has shown that 85-90% of fertility challenges are successfully addressed with medical intervention.  Couples who decide to use third-party reproduction such as an egg donor and/or a gestational surrogate may be surprised to learn that all parties are often required to undergo psychological evaluation with a licensed psychologist. At The Psychology Group, we offer infertility testing and third-party psychological evaluation to help you with egg donor, gestational surrogates and adoption.

Psychological Evaluations for Egg Donors, Egg Recipients, and Gestational Surrogates

Egg Donors

Having a child with the help of an egg donor requires full collaboration between the egg donor and recipient. Egg donors are required to undergo extensive medical testing and psychological evaluation to provide the most accurate information. The psychological evaluation is used to gather detailed family history and personal information which may be relevant in determining biological patterns. A psychological interview will identify any family psychiatric history, and even family members who may have shown signs of undiagnosed mental illness. The psychologist will also ask questions about the egg donor’s educational history to assess for any signs of learning disorders. All of this information helps match the egg donor with the best fit parents-to-be.

Another reason it's important for egg donors to undergo psychological evaluation is to confirm that the necessary cognitive skills are in place to make this important decision. Egg donors are offering a priceless, lifetime gift to another couple which requires a specific understanding of legal and personal boundaries. The egg donor must have the mental capacity to understand any long term psychological effects of this decision.

At The Psychology Group, we offer Egg Donor Psychological Evaluations. Typically the appointment is 3 hours in duration. The appointment includes:

  1. Psychological Interview (approximately 90-minutes)
  2. Cognitive Screening (approximately 15-minutes)
  3. Personality Testing (approximately 60-75 minutes)

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Egg Donor Recipients

Egg Donor & Gestational Surrogate Psychological Evaluations | The Psychology Group Fort LauderdaleEgg recipients are also usually required to undergo psychological evaluation for similar reasons. How will the couple feel about having a child that is not 100% genetically their own?  It is important to verify that both partners have the necessary cognitive skills to understand this decision, and that the parent(s) has a clear commitment to the child as their own.

Gestational Surrogates

Gestational surrogates are also required to undergo psychological evaluations by most surrogacy agencies. A gestational surrogate is the woman who truly brings a child to life, by carrying and delivering a baby for the prospective parent(s).

The evaluation will determine any personal history which may be relevant to the surrogate’s commitment and ability to lead a healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy. The psychologist assesses for any history of substance or alcohol abuse, psychiatric history, or self destructive behaviors. It is also important to identify any environmental factors which could affect the pregnancy.

Like egg donors, gestational surrogates must have the cognitive ability to understand any future psychological effects of her decision and the finality of her gift after delivery. Psychological evaluations are usually an opportunity to ask questions or voice any uncertainty regarding any of these commitments. Helping prospective parents have a child is a gift that few can give, and the evaluation is intended to insure that both parties feel comfortable with this life-long commitment.

If you want to become an egg donor, an egg donor recipient, or a gestational surrogate, we can provide the necessary psychological evaluation to help you along with the process.

Pre-Adoption Psychological Evaluations

Adoption Psychological Evaluation | The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale

Pre-adoptive parents are often required to undergo psychological evaluation as part of the adoption process. This is most common with international adoptions, when agencies require both a psychological evaluation and a home study to assess for readiness.

Pre-adoption psychological evaluations can cause mixed emotions for prospective parents. It’s common to feel anxious and even a little angry about the idea, especially if you have experienced recurrent miscarriages or failed IVF attempts prior to your decision to adopt. After all, couples have babies every day without an evaluation, so it can feel unfair that you have to clear yet another hurdle. On the other hand, you may feel excited about your decision and eager to get the process started. Either way, both reactions are normal. You can rest assured that your adoption organization is operating on the highest standard of excellence when looking to place a child with a safe, healthy adoptive family.

Each organization has its own set of requirements for the adoption evaluation. Some organizations require both the clinical interview of each parent plus a personality test called the MMPI-2. This assessment is completed in-office to protect the integrity of the test. The client is required to answer 567 multiple choice questions, and it usually takes 90-120 minutes to complete. Other organizations require only the clinical evaluation of each parent with a full report and signed letter from the licensed professional. Each adoption organization has its own unique requirements which need to be met by a licensed psychologist.

If you recently made the decision to adopt a child and are required to undergo a pre-adoptive psychological evaluation, rest assured that this is a common practice. The Psychology Group offers adoption evaluations. If you are an adoptive couple looking for a compassionate, experienced psychologist, we are happy to help you on your adoption journey.

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