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Dr. Noreen Commella

Specialties at a glance: Psycho-educational testing, psychological assessments & evaluations.

Dr. Noreen Commella is a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in psychological, psycho-educational and developmental evaluations. She specializes in the assessment of giftedness, personality, learning disabilities, developmental delays, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Dr. Commella’s evaluations are comprehensive and provide not only a pattern of strengths and weakness but also offer tailored recommendations. Evaluations typically consist of a background interview, behavioral observations, consultation with other professionals and schools as appropriate, formal test administration, and a personalized report and feedback session.

In addition to evaluations, Dr. Commella also provides individual therapy to children, teens, and adults experiencing a variety of issues including life transitions, anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, and developmental disorders.

Her passion lies in supporting and educating parents, especially throughout pregnancy and postpartum. As both a clinician and mother of two young children, Dr. Commella understands the significant impact parents have on the healthy development of their children.

Parenthood can be both rewarding and demanding. Given this unique role, parents can greatly benefit from assistance in preparing not only physically but also socially, emotionally and psychologically. Dr. Commella finds great satisfaction in helping parents find the tools necessary to successfully navigate any parenting challenge.


Dr. Commella earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, where she also graduated with double honors, a minor in sociology, and a behavioral forensics certificate. She completed her Masters and Doctoral degrees at Nova Southeastern University, with a concentration in Forensic Psychology. Dr. Commella now serves as an adjunct faculty member in several graduate programs at Nova Southeastern University.