About Concierge Therapy

Our priority is you. Concierge, personalized service for our patients is the hallmark of our boutique practice. Our team is small in number and big on focus. We intentionally curated an intimate and comfortable office setting so that you’ll never feel like just a number. Our practice is predominately a self-pay model meaning most of our therapists are not in-network with any insurance companies. Because of this model, we can purposely limit our caseloads and focus more on what matters most, you.

Meet our Fort Lauderdale team of talented therapists and psychologists.

Not Just a Number.

"The Psychology Group is your local, neighborhood therapy practice. We are not a therapy app, a Big Tech virtual company, or a coworking space. We are a group of real-life therapists held to the highest of standards so that you can receive compassionate, quality, evidence-based therapy."Dr. Jamie Long, Managing Partner

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How we feel about our life's work is simple. We treasure it.

What Exactly is Concierge Therapy?

Juxtaposing first-class hospitality and highest standard of care. In short, concierge therapy is an individualized approach to mental healthcare. Our team of the very best therapists and psychologists offers cutting edge, science-backed treatment combined with top-notch person-centered service. Every single one of our clients receive an intimate, attentive, and uncompromising counseling experience. We deliver evidenced-based treatment tailored to your needs while ensuring your in-office visits are a rejuvenating respite.

Complete & Thorough — Utmost priority is placed on individualized, comprehensive, quality care. We listen first to understand. Treatment plans are backed by research. Our therapists collaborate and coordinate with your medical providers (with your consent) to guarantee continuity of care.

Client-Centric — Your time is valuable. We offer morning, afternoon, and early evening appointments as well as mini/extended/double sessions. For existing clients we can often offer same day appointments; new clients can typically be seen within 48 hours. Since there is only one client scheduled per appointment, there is zero wait time.

Respite & Privacy — Our gorgeously appointed private office suite is styled with an uplifting blend of understated elegance and colorful charm. We're nestled discretely at the end of a hallway on the 5th floor of a secure and professional office building. A peaceful experience awaits you behind large glass entry doors which open up to an uncrowded waiting area illuminated by the soft golden glow of candles and gentle lamps. Carefully curated and deliberately soothing ambient music plays in the background. An elusive fragrance from the fresh bouquet of flowers floats through the air. The quiet rhythm of trickling water over a multi-tiered steel calla lily fountain evokes a sense of serenity. When greeted by your therapist, you're invited to enjoy a sparkling water or hot espresso. Get comfortable on one of the supple sofas and drape yourself with a plush throw. Communicate with confidence within our state-of-the-art soundproof walls. This is your sanctuary.

Prompt & Accessible — After you speak with our client concierge, you will be matched to the right clinician for you. Clients then have direct access to their therapist. You can expect prompt and timely responses to your questions, requests, and needs.

Convenient — We're located nearby in east Fort Lauderdale, one-half mile from the Atlantic Ocean on East Oakland Park Boulevard. Next door is the Coral Ridge Mall where you can make an errand before or after your appointment.

Why Concierge Therapy Services?

Quite simply, to serve you better. Because treatment isn't contingent on health insurance, we can bypass the numerous regulations and restrictions and offer individualized services that exceed your expectations. Clinicians who accept insurance must adhere to the insurance company's rules for therapy even if it isn't what is best for you. Through adopting a concierge business model, we’re able to slow the hustle of the workday, remain energized, and spend more time with our clients. That’s important because we practice what we preach and hold deep respect for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. By keeping our practice small and intimate, you don't get lost in the shuffle.

We’re not overworked. In fact, we limit the number of clients we accept to our caseload. We have the mental and physical energy to always go the extra mile. Whether you're the first appointment of the day or the last, you'll get 100% from us. You'll be consistently treated with respect and kindness.

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In just a few minutes, we'll get to the heart of what you need support with and match you with one of our therapists to help.

The Challenge

Concierge healthcare is growing in popularity for providers and patients alike because insurance companies aren't fairly compensating providers for the service they provide and clients aren't receiving the care they deserve. Managed care companies create loops to jump through from pre-authorization for services to restrictions on frequency and duration of services.

Reimbursement rates continue to decline, resulting in clinicians holding huge caseloads to make ends meet. Insurance paneled therapists work long hours, seeing clients back-to-back resulting in exhausted providers and dissatisfied patients. This lose-lose situation for both clinicians and patients is why many people are backing a new approach to mental health care, the concierge difference.

More on Managed Care Coverage Challenges

  • Medical necessity is a requirement for psychological services to be covered by insurance. This means your therapist must diagnose a psychiatric condition to authorize treatment
  • Lack of confidentiality in that your attendance in therapy is part of your medical record and your chart (including therapy notes) could be reviewed by an insurance agent in the event of an audit
  • Couples, marital, and relationship counseling aren't typically covered by insurance
  • Life Coaching, stress management and bereavement aren't typically covered
  • Pre-authorization is required before receiving some services
  • Restrictions on how often you can see your therapist (often limited to 1x/weekly max)
  • Restrictions on the duration of sessions (special authorization required to have longer than 50-minute appointments)
  • Limitations on how many sessions you can receive per year
  • Large annual deductibles needing to be satisfied before coverage begins
  • Dropping reimbursement rates & cumbersome claim filing
  • Limited choices finding an in-network provider. The negative aspects of paneling with insurance turn off the most talented clinicians in the field.

The Solution

A concierge, private-pay style of practice paves way for much smaller caseloads and client-centered treatment plans. A lower number of total clients protects clinicians from burnout. Providers can offer extended appointment times because they aren't bound by managed care restrictions. Your confidentiality can be guaranteed and no third-party has access to your medical record.

In addition to all the benefits already described, we find that instead of investing time and money in insurance billing, negotiating treatment plans or reimbursement rates, we can focus on patient care. Treatment is dictated by the clinician and patient, not by insurance companies. Our therapists are working less and focused more on continuing education and recharging our batteries. Also, this business model allows us to focus on the meaningfulness of our work which is enjoying the increased interactions with you, our patients.

We know that your mental health and the success of your relationships are amongst the most important things to you and your loved ones. It’s truly our honor to serve you better.

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In just a few minutes, we'll get to the heart of what you need support with and match you with the best therapist to help.

Can I Still Use My Insurance?

Despite the many challenges and areas of concern in using insurance to cover mental health therapy, clients may still elect to seek reimbursement from insurance. Quality psychological services can be costly so it’s completely understandable that getting reimbursed for at least some of the associated costs relieves any financial burden.

If your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits, you can see any licensed therapist of your choosing and the plan will reimburse you a percentage after the deductible is satisfied. In most cases, insurance reimburses around 60-90% of usual & customary services (e.g., weekly, 50-minute appointments). Coverage also assumes you have met diagnostic criteria for a psychiatric condition meeting medical necessity for treatment (which will be determined during the first appointment). At the time of the therapy appointment, you are financially responsible for the service fee then we provide you with an invoice (called a superbill) to submit to the insurance company (it’s easy!).

Don’t have time to submit your superbill to insurance?

Let us introduce you to Better. Better is a HIPAA compliant service that submits superbills to your insurance provider on your behalf. The fee is 10% of whatever money you receive from the insurance company. If you don’t receive compensation (e.g., unmet deductible, denied claim, etc.) Better won't collect a payment.

*Note that The Psychology Group has no relationship with Better and does not receive any compensation from the company.

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Our Areas of Expertise

We specialize in therapy for individuals, couples & families and psychological evaluations & testing. Our team of expert therapists can help you with a variety of challenges such as:

Individual Therapy | Fort Lauderdale Psychologist | The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale

Individual Therapy

Genuine, evidence-based therapy to help you move towards your happiest, healthiest self.
Couple's Therapy | Fort Lauderdale Psychologist | The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale

Couples Therapy

Reconnect, heal and overcome the hard stuff that happens in intimate relationships.
Life Coaching | Fort Lauderdale Psychologist | The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale

Life Coaching

Get unstuck through clarifying goals and learning strategies that will get you to success.

The Psychology Group's Manifesto

WE BELIEVE people can accept themselves as they are and also change.
WE BELIEVE therapy is part of a healthy lifestyle.
WE BELIEVE everyone has the power to manifest dreams.
WE BELIEVE relationships make the world go 'round.
WE BELIEVE in choosing kindness every day.
WE BELIEVE laughter is contagious.
WE BELIEVE a smile costs nothing.
WE BELIEVE in abundance.
WE BELIEVE self-love is power.
WE BELIEVE vulnerability is strength.  
WE BELIEVE in daydream believers.
WE BELIEVE time isn't found, it's made.
WE BELIEVE in work/life balance.
WE BELIEVE in health at every size.
WE BELIEVE in progress, not perfection.
WE BELIEVE love is both hard work and completely worth it. 
WE BELIEVE love is love. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
WE BELIEVE in true equality for all humans regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, body size, national origin, religion, and age.
WE BELIEVE a life worth living is built through personal effort, active participation, and liberation.

Above all, WE BELIEVE it's an honor to work with you. You're safe here.

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